Special Needs

Special Needs

Just 4 Keeps is excited to announce our new Sponsorship Program. Have you ever wanted to adopt or foster a rescue dog but for whatever reason you can’t???….Well now you can!

Our Sponsorship Program is designed to help assist with the costs of our “long-term fosters” and “special needs” dogs.

Long-Term Fosters are dogs who require an extensive amount of medical care or behaviour modification to get them back into tip top shape and become highly adoptable.

Our Special Needs dogs are those, through no fault of their own, are with us for life because of medical or behaviour reasons and deemed non adoptable.

J4K has 3 dogs in need of sponsors: Coco, Georgia and Pearl. Through CanadaHelps, we have made it easy for you to donate monthly to any one of these dogs. You can read more about our program on our How to Help page

Coco: Coco arrived at the Kitchener Humane Society on December 2014 after having been stabbed in the head 6 times by her owner. Coco is on Fluoxetine for her anxiety issues and we’ve already seen an improvement. For these many reasons, Coco is not adoptable and will remain here at Just 4 Keeps for the rest of her life. Learn more about Coco.

Georgia: It has been determined that Georgia, although a great house dog, is afraid of everything in the outside world. We had a behaviourist come in and I was informed what I had to do but things got very busy here with all the new dogs coming in (and still coming in). I sadly did not have the time to work with her intensively every day. Georgia is very comfortable here and with all the visitors that come by and to re-home her would be to devastating for her. Learn more about Georgia.

Pearl: Pearl is a beautiful senior who was saved just hours before being euthanized by a shelter in New York City. A US Rescue and a wonderful friend in Vermont ensured that Pearl received the vet care she desperately needed, and then transported her to us. Learn more about Pearl