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Please read before completing the form

  • We realize this is a long form, however, the more details you give us, the easier it will be to match you with the best dog for your family. Please be sure to fill out all the fields, as we are unable to process incomplete applications.

    As soon as we receive your completed form, a volunteer will contact you to discuss your application, follow up on references and arrange for a home visit. Then you, and your entire family, including other pets, will be invited to meet the dog you have applied for.

    Please understand that this process is necessary to ensure a lifelong partnership and “forever home” for our rescue dogs. We reserve the right to refuse adoptions.

    Foster homes are the most important part of rescue. Without these generous homes, we would not be able to help dogs in need. We require loving homes that will be able to provide patience and a safe place. Most animals have often had some horrible episodes in their past, such as abuse or abandonment. Foster homes need to be able to help these animals become socialized and well mannered in order to live as well thought of members of their community. Please be aware that fostering can be a long term commitment.
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